Thunder Page  v.1.6.31

Thunder Page is a text analysis (research) tool allowing you to quickly find and highlight targeted words and phrases from within a document or article. Originally developed as a software to assist both job seekers and employers,

Quick IQ Test  v.

A fully-featured IQ test that reveals your intelligence quotient! The IQ Test is a very important test and it's results are used to qualify for a large array of events. Employers and academic entities issue IQ tests,


BeyondJobs  v.

The Beyond.com application allows you to instantly search and share highly targeted jobs from top employers anytime, from anywhere! Designed to meet and exceed your needs as you search for your next great job on the go,

RHR  v.

As the UK's leading retail recruitment consultancy, Retail Human Resources plc (RHR) provides retail job seekers and employers with the most comprehensive recruitment and selection services available.

IT Skills 2012  v.

Techrepublic recently carried out a survey that identified the IT skills that would be in demand in 2012. This time around, IT employers are looking for innovation, as they seek to hire new employees next year. The Survey took the views of around

Thirty Thousand Locked Out  v.

30,000 Locked Out. The Great Strike of the Building Trades in Chicago by James C. Beeks chronicles the causes and consequences of the great strike of 1887. Lots of background information about the employers,

Omnistar Recruiting Software  v.7.3

Omnistar Recruiter is a dynamic recruiting software solution that gives you the ability to post jobs, manage resumes and give employers the ability to access this information.

EMonit  v.1.3.0

eMonit, a new employee monitor for Windows, helps mid-size businesses cut waste, spot risky behaviors, and enforce company rules. eMonit's simple tools let employers monitor application use, keystrokes, web browsing, and even take screenshots.

MacLorem  v.2.2

MacLorem generates random filler text for artists, graphic designers, typesetters and others who need to generate mock-ups or spec art for clients, publishers or employers.

Scan4dots  v.alpha

Web portal design for students or employers evaluation on any possible topic (online evaluation, evaluation by scanning answer papers, or manual evaluation)

Calcolo ControCodice INPS  v.1.0.1

This useful application lets you check the code of control on the number of corporate employers attributed by the Italian social security (last two digits of the number).

Calcolo ControCodice INAIL  v.1.0

This useful application lets you check the code of control on the positions and the company codes of employers attributed by the Italian Welfare (is the code of two digits usually given in forms such as CC).

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